Previous trainings provided at:

Sexual Health Conversations, Catalyst Program, Providence Community Services
Creating Sexual Health Moments, Finding Common Ground Training/Workshop
Sexual Health Conversations, Union of Pan Asian Communities
Counselor Comfort with Sexual Health Conversations, Catholic Charities
Sexual Health:  Train–the–Trainer Program, Sex Therapy, Education, & Medicine, Alvarado Hospital
Creating Sexual Health Moments, Community Research Foundation
Sexual Health Training, San Diego Juvenile Detention Facilities
Professional Skills Development for Sexual Health Conversations Workshop, County San Diego
5th Annual Communicable Disease Liaison Meeting for Behavioral Health Services Provides
Common Ground Series Sexual Health Training of Trainers, County San Diego
Sexual Health Conversations, Mental Health Systems CalWORKs East & South Clinics
Sexual Health Conversations, Jewish Family Service
Sexual Health Conversations: A New Vision for Improving Mental Health Treatment, Mental Health America 18th Annual Meeting of the Minds Conference
Sexual Health Conversations, Family Health Center-Special Populations/HIV Services
Sexual Health Conversations: Let’s Talk About Sex, Children Youth and Families System of Care Training Academy Conference
Sexual Health Conversations, Are you ready?: Aurora Behavioral Health Care
Sexual Health Conversations, University of Phoenix – El Centro & San Diego Campuses
Sexual Health Conversations, WAVE Therapy – Carlsbad, CA

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Psychotherapy & Counseling (LMFT 52696)

As an educator, I teach at Pacific College of Health & Science in the department of clinical counseling.  I teach students, as well as, professionals to listen to their patients with empathy.

I train other clinicians in the importance of sexual health conversation among co-workers, supervisors, clients, administrators and the community.  I assist them in becoming more comfortable talking about sex, sexuality, and sexual health.  Sexual health conversations require thoughtful skill - a clear purpose combined with a resolve to understand the multiple and interrelated negative health outcomes that arise when sexual health remains in the margins of silence. Optimal sexual conversations are integral in programs such as substance abuse, mental health care, and public health interventions and treatment. This training will help therapist, counselors, social workers, school psychologist, interns, and students with the needed tools to be more comfortable with sexual health conversations.  This will enable clinicians to work with their clients to improve relationships, life situations, personal growth, recovery, mental & physical health, and help to understand unconscious motivations to determine safe and healthy behaviors for themselves and with others in their lives. 

The training I offer integrate sexual health principles, willingness and comfort, and conversations for a wide range of health care providers. Trainings are appropriate for mental health treatment centers, drug and alcohol recover programs, HIV prevention and treatment providers, trauma treatment specialist, sexual trauma treatment providers, MFT, social work, and clinical counseling college and university programs. 

Contact me to schedule a training and any questions you may have regarding this training.

Sexual Health Conversations:A Missing Piece in Treatment
by Jerry Moreau, LMFT